Our boat was  originally built for the Whitbread Round-the-World Race of 1990/91 and was named after its main sponsor, the NZ home appliances manufacturer "Fisher&Paykel". No efforts or costs were spared in order to build one of the finest 83ft Maxi ketches that the world had seen up to then. The boat was designed by Bruce Farr and built by Martin Marine in New Zealand  and a total of aprox. 3 Mio Dollars were spent on state-of-the-art space industry materials and latest technologies in order to create a masterpiece of yacht racing under the direction of its captain Grant Dalton (nowadays director of the NZ America's Cup Team). The actual race, then, became legendary because of the bitter rivalry between "Fisher&Paykel" and its main contender, the finally victorious "Steinlager 2", also a 83ft Maxi Ketch designed by Bruce Farr, and also from New Zealand, with its captain Sir Peter Blake.


In 2011 the boat reappeared in the Volvo Ocean Legends Race in Alicante thus attaining the official “Legend” status. Nowadays only three of these giant ketches still exist as they were abandoned in favour of smaller boats for cost reasons after only two Whitbread Round-the-World Races and they are now being referred to as future classics.


Also a legend, in his way, is skipper Joaquin Quiroga, member of the first generation of Spanish ocean racers, two times Round-the-World participant on Spanish boats ("Fortuna Extra Lights"), Rolex Cup winner and holder of a Guiness Record in being the first, with his team, to sail more than 400nm in 24 hours. Realizing the unique nature of the boat and the ideal conditions in Fuerteventura he decided to bring the boat back to life there and to share the amazing experience of sailing this 30t giant with sailors and non-sailors of all ages. During the last years, the boat has been sailing in Fuerteventura, doing three-hour excursions for tourists - an average of 3000 persons per year sail with us - and six-day circuits around the Canary Islands, to Madeira and Agadir for small groups.


2016 has seen the boat back to the international stage with its participation in the ARC 2016 transatlantic race with a crew of four sailors and providing a classic ocean racing experience for 16 guests of all ages. The 5th position, achieved against boats of the latest generation, confirmed the boat’s  sailing qualities and tecnical state. The Volvo Ocean Legends Race of 2018  is the next big goal.

Note: these fotos were gained from different sources and are published here for historic interest. If a fotografer misses referencing on his foto we will gladly add it or - if desired - delete the foto.