Fisher&Paykel Cruises

Our sailing trips are directed at everybody – there are no pre-requisites as to sailing skills or age. Everybody is welcome and will be integrated in sailing operations according to their abilities and likes and if you just want to relax, this is fine with us.


Our approach is very familiar and personal and we want to offer you a unique experience of sailing in good company. The characteristics of our boat, apart from providing a "classic" ocean racing feeling (see "Boat Details"), foster communication and cooperation. The relative simplicity of life on board, the extremely relaxing performance of our giant sailing boat, the majestic waters of the Atlantic and the impressive and varied landscapes of the islands will immediately transport you light years away from your daily routine and headaches which guarantees an extremely relaxing and rejuvenating adventure holiday in the company of new friends.


Note: the "Fisher&Paykel" is an authentic racing yacht which means that installations such as the toilet, shower, kitchen and bunks are functional but basic. Also, there is no catering service on board! A reasonable stock of food and drinks is provided and the meals will be organized and prepared by the participants. Special wishes will have to be taken care of personally. During the stops, in the evenings, we usually visit restaurants.



Canaries North

Lanzarote - La Graciosa

Alegranza - Tenerife

Canaries South

Gran Canaria - Tenerife

La Gomera - La Palma

ARC Transatlantic

From Gran Canaria to the Caribbean Saint Lucia


Fuerteventura - Madeira

Porto Santo - Lanzarote

Caribbean Islands

Saint Lucia - Martinique

Guadaloupe - Antigua

Volvo Legends

Volvo Ocean Legends 2018

Gothemburg - The Hague


Design your own route!

From October till May

Atlantic W - E

Caribbean - Azores - Canaries

Summer cruise

Sail & Surf

Sail between surfspots

and sleep on the Maxi


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