Canary Islands

On these 6-day tours you will get a different impression of the Canary Islands with sailing between islands in daytime (night sailings if desired or necessary) and sleeping in quaint marinas with their bars and restaurants, simple fishing ports or anchored offshore in a tranquil bay. All this will be highlighted by short excursions into the interior of the islands or to discover romantic towns. The routes – always flexible according to weather and the desires of the group - include the big islands, the lesser known islands and even the un-inhabited minute islands in the north of the archipielago.

Red color arrows show the North route, yellow arrows the South route - all subject to weather and wind!

These tours are a very relaxing way of getting to see different islands and are definitely ideal for people new to sailing, of all ages and for those who regard sailing as a pleasant way of getting from one place to the next without stress while having a good time with the fellow sailors.


One of our favourite stops is the minute island of La Graciosa, just north of Lanzarote

Guest Commentaries

"Es war eine tolle Truppe und ein sensationelles Team an Bord: Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen ... Jeder, der solch einen Törn nicht miterlebt hat, hat was verpasst." (Jürgen R.)


"Die Zeit ging viel zu schnell vorbei. Ich persönlich fand die Kanaren Tour sehr schön und entspannt = fast jeden Tag auf einer anderen Insel und in einem anderen Hafen ." (Olaf P.)


"Guys & Girls, this is the best holiday EVER! No kidding! Why is this the last day and Fuerte just 2 nautic miles away? Can't we go back to Gomera? Africa? Anywhere? Please!!!!!!" (Uta K.)


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